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Our Process is Centered Around You!

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

At F&B Landscaping, we believe that quality relationships are at the center of everything we do. By authentically connecting with our customers, we make sure all your needs are met and you are completely satisfied with the work we do.

As a local, family-owned and operated business, we believe in demonstrating integrity, quality, and efficiency while creating beautiful landscapes for our neighbors in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. With high-quality work and competitive pricing, we are a trusted choice to bring your yard or landscaping to the next level!

Working With  F&B Landscaping

When we start a new project, we take the time to get to know you, your property, and what you hope to achieve. We are passionate about making connections with our neighbors, because we know that’s how to get the best results. By forming relationships, we truly get to know what you need and how to make your project successful. We’ll be your resource for design ideas, maintenance suggestions, and more, to help bring your project to the next level.


A Deeper View into Our Process 

As a locally owned company, our clients are our neighbors—and your satisfaction is our biggest priority!

We start out by building up a connection with you by sitting down and diving into the history of your home or business, what makes it unique (or what you want to be unique about it), and even a list of do’s and don’ts. This is a perfect opportunity to let your dreams flow out and for us to understand your expectations.
Next up, we build a clear and concise proposal for you that includes pricing, the anticipated timeline, and, of course, the design! We also include the expectations for short and long term maintenance of your new landscaping plan. It’s not a time to leave something to chance, that can pop up during or after the project and surprise us all, so we take our time in this step and particularly with helping to answer any questions you have.
Once the proposal is accepted and it’s time to get to work, we work hard to meet your expectations and keep communication flowing. During this time, we ensure quality work and provide the highest quality materials so you gain value from the landscaping project today and many years going forward.
Once the project is complete and the landscaping installation is finished, our job isn’t done! We hold a walkthrough with you on the project and make sure your expectations have been met and we both know what to expect going forward. We provide warranty and maintenance information and schedule our 3- and 12-month follow-ups with you.

Complete Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services 

Whether you’re looking to create a serene oasis, an entertainer’s dream backyard, or just add a little curb appeal, F&B Landscaping has the experienced team to help you create the property of your dreams! With full commercial installation and maintenance services and a residential design/build team that’s ready to help give you the best yard on the block, we have everything you need to have beautiful landscaping all year long!

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