Maintaining Commercial Properties

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We Can Keep Your Property Beautiful All Year Long!

When it comes to setting a good impression, your business should speak volumes before your customers even get to the door! With regular landscaping maintenance from F&B Landscaping, you can keep your outdoor areas looking lush from spring through winter. With high-quality work and competitive pricing, we are a trusted choice for reliable commercial landscape maintenance services.

You’re busy running your company. Let us do the dirty work! We’re here to make your business the best looking property around.

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

Trusted Landscape Maintenance Services in Colorado Springs

Once we’ve designed and installed an amazing landscape around your business, you’ll need someone to maintain it. You can trust F&B Landscaping to keep your property looking beautiful all year ‘round with our commercial lawn maintenance services. Maintain your business’s curb appeal and set the tone for your company! We offer a variety of landscape maintenance services, including lawn mowing and seasonal snow removal.


Commercial Maintenance Services 

Complete Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing Services Available

Keep Your Business Tidy All Year Long

Whether it’s fertilizing your grass in the spring or plowing snow in the winter, we’ll make sure your business looks great and is accessible, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.
When a winter storm threatens, you don’t have to worry about digging out from all that snow and ice; our team is ready to help.

Keeping Your Property Maintained ALL YEAR LONG!

Each Winter, our team watches the weather carefully, plans ahead and gets the job done so our customers can get to wherever they need.

Our snow removal equipment is top of the line—the kind of equipment that’s usually only seen in Canada! We know Colorado snow storms are no joke, and we understand your business needs upkeep no matter the weather. Our reliable crews can quickly plow your property so your customers can safely access your building whatever the weather brings.

Your Local Commercial Landscaping Experts

As a local, family-owned and operated business, the team at F&B Landscaping believes that operating with integrity is our only option. And when you work with F&B Landscaping, you’ll first meet with one of our team members, who will be your point of contact for as long as you’re a customer.

We value building relationships, so we work hard to make sure this contact is there to help discover your needs and build excitement about the possibilities your property presents. Whatever maintenance your property requires, we regularly reach out to ensure all your needs are being met and that your landscaping is as beautiful as when it was installed.

Proper Landscape Maintenance, Rain or Shine!

In Colorado, many of our region’s water sources are being depleted far quicker than they can be replenished. With occasional extreme weather conditions, including drought, we know how important conserving water is. In fact, we’ve made it a part of our company’s mission. We believe in innovative approaches that can make the best of even the most unfavorable conditions. Because of this, even in times of drought, our landscapes are resilient due to these practices and techniques.

In all our projects, we are dedicated to the safe practice of pesticide and fertilizer usage, so you can depend on us to not only create beautiful landscapes, but also to keep you and your customers safe. Because we are dedicated to integrity in everything we do, you can trust F&B Landscaping to provide safe, beautiful, and maintainable outdoor spaces that can make your business the best looking property in your area.

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