Fast, Efficient Residential Landscape


Installing Landscaping for Over 15 Years!

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

When it comes to building out your landscaping, you need a team you can trust. With over 10 years of experience, innovative techniques, and a dedication to customer service, you can depend on the team at F&B Landscaping to provide extraordinary results! We’re dedicated to efficiency, hard work, and integrity in every project we undertake.

Building Sensational Residential Landscapes

When you have a great landscape, you’ll want to live outside. Our landscapes will expand the usable square footage of your home—you’ll want to live in your outdoor paradise! With our landscaping construction services, you can experience the soothing sounds, smells, and feeling that being outdoors in Colorado can offer. Whether you’d rather enjoy a glass of wine next to a warm fire pit, or use your landscaping as an entertaining space where you can have amazing conversations with family and friends, you can get away from the computer or TV and discover what nature has to say.

Complete Landscape Builds for your Colorado Home

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs
At F&B Landscaping, we provide complete design/build services from start to finish, meaning you’ll have one team who can help you plan what’s right for your property and complete the build efficiently and professionally. 

When you’re considering new landscaping installation for your property, there are a multitude of options that could transform your space into an outdoor oasis. You can build what’s right for your lifestyle, whether you’re interested in low maintenance landscapes, something completely from scratch, or go all-out to create an entertainer’s dream backyard.

With one partner completing all the steps, you’ll have a stress-free experience from the moment you call us to the moment you enjoy your first barbeque or relaxing evening in your new outdoor living space.

Seeing is Believing 

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at some of our past residential projects! We’re proud our customers have loved the work we’ve done. Their satisfaction is our best result!

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

Building Tough for Hardy Colorado Lawns and Landscaping

In Colorado’s dynamic environment, our landscapes are subject to occasional extreme weather conditions, including drought. At F&B Landscaping, we are dedicated to using water conservation techniques in our approach. Many of the region’s water sources are being depleted far quicker than they can be replenished; because of this, conserving water is incredibly important to us, and we’ve made it a part of our company’s mission. That means when your landscaping is installed by our experienced team, you can expect a resilient as well as beautiful result.

In all our projects, we believe in the safe practice of pesticide and fertilizer usage, so you can depend on our procedures to not only create beautiful landscapes, but also to keep you and your family safe. Because we are dedicated to integrity in everything we do, you can depend on F&B Landscaping to provide safe, beautiful, and maintainable outdoor spaces that can take your family’s home to the next level. You’re our neighbors, and we’re dedicated to your satisfaction!

Building Great Landscapes While Growing a Great Team

At F&B Landscaping, we’re actively involved in our employees’ growth—which means you’re working with knowledgeable, innovative professionals who love what they do. Our hard-working team provides our clients with high-quality work done with integrity and a focus on loyalty to the customer. We strive to exceed the industry standards and practices by every means possible.

When you begin a project with us at F&B Landscaping, it’s not just the start of great landscaping. We bring a personal touch to our work with each client. You’ll have one primary contact from the start to the completion of your project; that’s one face who will understand all the details of your landscaping. By really getting to know you, we ensure your needs are perfectly met and the job is done right.

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs
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