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Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

Are you ready to get your yard working for you? Want to have a yard that expands your livable space? Whether you’re looking for a serene oasis or an entertainer’s dream backyard, our experienced team is ready to help you create the landscaping of your dreams!

When you work with F&B Landscaping, we take the time to listen to your needs and wants. Our experienced professionals can recommend thoughtful details and innovative solutions to design an outdoor space that will surpass your expectations.

Complete Landscape Design Services for your Colorado Home

We can incorporate a variety of materials, plants, and other elements to bring your outdoor space to life. Some of the features we can include are:

Dimensional Elements

Planting Space

Water Features

Entertaining Spaces



When you work with F&B Landscaping, you’re working with experienced professionals with a full portfolio of happy customers. To get inspiration for your upcoming project and see the work we’ve done in the past, take a look at our residential portfolio!

Request a Quote with a video walkthrough

Requesting a quote has never been easier! You can now submit a video walkthrough of your project to our expert landscape designers to get your project started even faster.  Tell us about your project, just like we are there! Describe your goals and desired outcome. Point out any details or concerns you think might be relevant when recording your video

Once we’ve established what you’re looking for, we will design a plan for your property.
Once the design plan is approved, we’ll walk the property with you and confirm the budget and timeline.
Then, we get to work!

Residential Landscape Design Services from Your Trusted Neighbors

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

We’re a local, family-owned and operated business at F&B Landscaping, so we believe that operating with integrity is our only option. When we begin work on a customer’s property, we know we’re working at our neighbor’s house, near our own home town. That’s why we’re dedicated to extraordinary customer service, efficient timelines, and hard work in every aspect of what we do. Our mission is to perform residential landscape design services at the highest level while building and maintaining relationships with those we serve in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Plus, all our lawn services are guaranteed!

Our aim is to make your property the best looking lawn on the block, and we know the job isn’t done right unless you’re satisfied. With high-quality work and competitive pricing, we are a trusted choice to bring your yard or landscaping to the next level!

Drought Tolerant Lawns & Responsible Landscaping Practices

In the Colorado Springs area, our landscapes are subject to occasional extreme weather conditions, including drought. At F&B Landscaping, we are dedicated to using water conservation techniques in our approach. We understand that many of the water sources in Colorado’s dynamic environment are being depleted far quicker than they can be replenished. Because of this, we’ve made water conservation part of our company’s mission. We believe in innovative approaches that can make the best of even the most unfavorable conditions. And thanks to these approaches, our landscapes are resilient no matter what the weather brings.

In addition to our drought tolerance policies, we also believe in safe pesticide and fertilizer usage, so you can depend on our procedures to not only create beautiful landscapes, but to also keep you and your family safe. We are dedicated to integrity in everything we do, so you can depend on F&B Landscaping to provide safe, beautiful, and maintainable outdoor spaces that can make your family’s home something spectacular. You’re our neighbors, and we’re dedicated to your satisfaction!

Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs